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It is difficult to categorize this software due to its complexity. We could refer to it as an educational software, examination system, knowledge management software, e-learning platform, or quality assurance system, but none of them describe fully what they entail.

The system was originally developed for a fast food chain similar to many companies that have to impart a lot of very differential knowledge to a lot of employees yet uniformly standards. In addition the acquirement of the knowledge it is essential to monitor and periodically measure what has been learned in the regular successive examination system and the theoretical knowlwdge in practice.

During the product development process we have taken considerations into requirements that went beyond the original customers’ requests. By measuring several different approaches we were able to create a truly revolutionary solution package.


This software offers professional solution to costumers who:

  • Has to make many employees acquire the significant uniform of knowledge by job roles
  • Needs to acquire consequent knowledge based on each other
  • Needs management of different knowledge base by job in different positions and workplaces
  • Believes that monitoring feedback of acquired students / workmates knowledge is important
  • Needs mentorial inspection system to monitor the acquired in-practice routine


The software consists the following main scopes.

  1. Management and publication of knowledge
  2. Establishment and maintainment of examination routine / system
    1. Theoretical knowledge monitoring
    2. Inspection of Practical skills


1.            Knowledge base management

Materials of the knowledge base could be audio-visual, graphical or text based and are stored in the software’s database. The users are able to access these through a restricted web surface from around the world by using any modern web browser. This system is capable to define job roles, educational levels one can associate to the required competencies and knowledge base.

Whenever an entity reaches a higher education level or job role the system automatically makes the next required materials accessible and assesses the mandatory exams for the person in subject. When the requirements where fulfilled one can proceed to the next level and so on.


  • There is no need to spend time visiting classes during work– no worktime loss or classroom expenses.
  • The load on the instructors can be significantly reduced. Qualified workforce definitely spend less time instructing.
  • One can access only the knowledge that is essential for the given individual’s role, the know-how is protected from the unauthorized.
  • The professional improvement and growth is managed automatically by the system.

2.            Creating and maintaining examination system

A.   Knowledge to control, testing.

In this system it is possible to store endless number of questions, which can be grouped and sorted by any logic. Tests are intended to check the presence of the necessary knowledge therefore the system fits and complies them to the entity’s level. It is also possible to set the order of the tests to each other. Examination questions are picked automatically by the system for maximum diversity. Every compiled test session has the same level and priority of questions but never has the exact same questions.


  • There is no need to spend time visiting classes during work for taking exams– no worktime loss or classroom expenses.
  • The load on the examination staff can be significantly reduced. Qualified workforce can spend less time instructing..
  • Everyone gets unique and registered tests.
  • Everyone has the ability to prove knowledge by taking the same level and difficulty of exam.
  • The professional progression and growth is managed automatically by the system.
  • Recurring and periodic trainings can be completely automatized like the system of fire and accident prevention training and examination. Actually the system can make a set of test questions randomly ont he same level.

B.   Mentorial inspection.

Monitoring of the practical consuption of knowledge can be achieved by compiling mentorial tests where the knowledge and assessment standpoints both represented. These can alter for every position however personnels / course takers from the same position has to fit the same requirements. The mentor can have a clear picture on the student’s level of practical competence by the assessment of the rating sheets.


  • By the help of the mentorial system the efficiency of education can be raised significantly. Thereby workforce evolution can reach new levels.